6 essential elements to consider when designing a boys bedroom layout

6 essential elements to consider when designing a boys bedroom layout

Set sail with a coastal strategy.

Create a beautiful seaside theme in boys bedroom ideas by seeking out patterned wallpaper and bedding with coastal details, from sea shells and starfish to Seaweed and Sea Horses. Off whites and pale blues create a really calming bedroom colour scheme, and wooden boats bring natural texture. 

Activate their wild sides

jungle leaved bedside table

A jungle theme is suitable for any child's bedroom, especially boys' bedroom ideas, and will undoubtedly stimulate their creativity. Choose vibrant and cheerful bedding with plenty of animal themes, but go for a more mature bedroom wallpaper.

This means you can simply replace the playful bedding with something more pared-back or muted as kids get older, but the wallpaper won't need to be updated because it still has a classy sense.

How do I design a little boys' bedroom?

Children don’t necessarily need huge bedrooms as their smaller furniture can seem dwarfed by the surroundings. So, if your boys' bedroom is small and cosy the key is to make the most of every inch of space. ' Choose a storage bed, add plenty of layered, narrow shelving to walls and even the ceiling can be utilised to hang decorative accessories such as spaceships, jungle foliage, or dinosaurs depending on what they are into.

While colour is vital in any child's room, consider utilising it to complement rather than detract from the environment. Lighting is your friend when it comes to making the area feel larger, so choose a selection of side lights, as well as a ceiling light, and then experiment with neon wall lights.

Dinosaur painted door

How should I set up the bedroom?

When it comes to arranging your boys' bedrooms, you should first and foremost ensure that the space is a comfortable sleeping environment. Because this is the major function of the area, invest in a comfortable bed that can adjust to their needs as they develop. Depending on their age, a compact double room might be an excellent alternative for sleepovers or visiting visitors.

Avoid putting a bed up against a radiator since it not only prevents heat from moving around the room, but it also puts them at risk of being burned if the radiator is too hot. Consider arranging furniture to provide your children with as much floor space as possible while still providing lots of storage.

If your child need a desk space for creativity or homework, consider investing in a high-level sleeper with a desk underneath to avoid increasing the overall footprint of furniture.

How can I make the bedroom more appealing?

Finding a place in your boy's bedroom for peace and quiet is essential for helping them feel comfortable in their surroundings. For them to retreat to, hang a curtain or canopy over their bed with string LED lights. Alternatively, arrange a comfy chair next to an accessible bookcase to create a reading nook where they may read, play quietly, and relax.

Consider what parts they will enjoy when they have friends around. Any type of hideout or hiding spot is always popular, and if you have the option of building a platform, climbing wall, or even a swing chair, all of these things will make for an enticing space.

What does a boy's bedroom require?

Boys want comfort in their bedrooms, but they also require an environment that makes them feel secure and confident. A excellent approach to accomplish this is to ensure that their space is well-organized and that everything has a home. A bedside table with drawers may accommodate all of their belongings, as well as a lamp for reading at night.

If you want to isolate the sleeping area from the rest of the bedroom, you could also place hooks above the bed for hanging things or even a curtain rod.

Having a lot of storage space is essential for boys since they tend to amass a lot of stuff rapidly!' You might want to think about installing some shelving units in your son's bedroom so that he has a secure and handy place to keep toys, books, clothing, and anything else comes into your home!

Ikea Trofast upcycled unit

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