3 Clever Bedroom Ideas  for Little Girls

3 Clever Bedroom Ideas for Little Girls

Decorating a little girl's room is no easy task! You want something she'll be proud of and enjoy right away, but also something she'll love for years to come. The trick is to consider her distinct hobbies and passions while adhering to a more timeless approach to design and décor.

Soft, muted tones are essential.

Flowery wardrobe

Instead of anything extremely bright and energising, we recommend switching up the colour palette of the area with gentle subdued tones that create a peaceful ambiance. When coupled with soft plush animals or animal-themed wall art, a pale green may establish the tone for a nature-inspired setting.

Consider the Stars

Star wardrobe

Pale blue is also a lovely colour for a girl's room. It may appear unusual, but it may give a relaxing contrast to the fashionable pinks and purples that so commonly accompany girls' toys. Pale blue walls combined with celestial art or a moon-shaped nightlight can create a subtle motif that does not dominate the area.

Timeless Neutral Furniture

Girls nursery

Light, bright, and neutral tones are always a good choice for huge décor objects. Toys, stuffed animals, cushions, and blankets are often enjoyable for young kids to add their own splashes of colour to their bedroom, so keeping all the main aspects like larger pieces of furniture light and neutral protects the area from getting overloaded with vibrant hues. It also contributes to the area feeling cleaner and happier.

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